Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Doing what we can to help.

March 16, 2020

Keep America Connected Pledge and free Internet speed upgrades to support all working from home & eLearning during school closures.

Dear Friends,

In response to the school closures in Illinois & Indiana and the many work-from-home requirements by employers to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be offering free temporary Internet speed upgrades to all residential customers affected by the consequences of this pandemic. We have also joined the many other ISP's across the country in taking the FCC's recently announced Keep America Connected Pledge. To request an upgrade, please complete the form below and we will email you within 24 hours when your upgrade is complete. Due to the nature of our technology, we cannot make an automated upgrade to all customers, as we know would be the ideal action.

Many school districts will be using online-based applications to continue students’ education during the school closures. We know that for these students and individuals working from home, your Internet speed requirements may be higher than usual and you will be relying on us to help continue your daily life and responsibilities. We plan to keep these upgrades in place for the next 30 days free of charge but will continue to monitor Federal, State, and Local directives and may extend these upgrades if the situation changes. We cannot guarantee a specific speed for all areas and individual household requirements will vary, but we promise to do our best to meet your needs.

This will undoubtedly bring additional load onto our network. To handle this, we have ordered a new fiber connection at one of our "hub" towers to increase the total capacity of our network. We expect this new fiber connection to be operational by the end of this week. As always, we will be carefully monitoring our core infrastructure throughout the network to mitigate potential problems proactively.

Our top commitment has always been to you, our customer. We understand that the decisions made to control community spread of this novel virus and protect our most vulnerable populations may present challenges to the individuals and families we serve. We know it’s only right to do our part and help where we can.


David P. Apps
Operations Manager
Air Wans Wireless Internet
Apps Communications, Inc.

Dave R. Apps
President & CEO
Apps Communications, Inc.

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